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Demand for clean gold strong, say jewellers

Recipients of the first Clean Gold in Australia, jewellers Samantha and Clinton Nordhoff, say demand for sustainably produced gold is strong, and that appetite is growing among today’s ethical-driven consumers.

The jewellers started using the cyanide-free gold produced as part of the CSIRO-Clean Mining trial in 2018 to satisfy demand from clients seeking ethically-produced, high quality and distinctive handmade pieces.

Samantha and Clinton have since used as Clean Gold to produce several rings and a bangle through their boutique jewellery enterprise, Nordhoff Jewellery Couture.

“Our client base is a very specific group of people. They are seeking high quality, distinctive, bespoke handmade pieces, and they want to know where their gold is coming from,” Ms Nordhoff said.

“We present all gold options to my clients and let them make the choice.”

“Most people don’t realise the difference between the options but there is a huge difference and they see that when we explain the differences,” Mr Nordhoff added.

“One client, for example, wanted a distinctly Western Australian piece. They liked the idea of Clean Gold, which we purchased from the first gold pour, so they selected that and world-renowned Argyle Diamonds.

“I have found there is demand for ethical gold and we are keen to continue using Clean Gold in our work.”

To learn more about Clean Gold and the certification process, read the Clean Choice section of this website.

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