Mineral Processing Services

Golden Progress

Environmental & Economical

enorotec is to transform gold production worldwide through a new processing technology that eliminates any need of fine grinding, watering and the use of any chemicals, as a means of extracting the precious metal from the earth's core.

This solution represents transformational change achieved through the commercialisation of a new, environmentally-conscious ore processing that sets a whole new standard of gold processing.

The future of mineral processing technology is here!

Safe & Sustainable

The chemical-free processing is delivering a safer, more sustainable process without the risk of leaking, spillage or exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Cost Effective​

The most cost effective and sustainable gold processing method developed to date, with benefits for governments, mining companies, communities and workers.

Vision is the Mission

Reconstructing & reshaping the traditional ways of commercial mineral processing worldwide!

enorotec's patented gold processing solution is set to revolutionise the mining industry and change the ways of commercial mineral processing for the better, both environmentally and economically.

By eliminating the need for fine grinding, watering and the whole chemical process the cost per Oz will reach a whole new standard.

Let us show you how!

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